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OPV Beauty is an inclusive, ethical beauty movement.

We're for people who are ready to share their true colours with the world. Choose a shade, take a stand, and join us in making the world a more beautiful place to live - in every way.

“We're all born to be beautiful. We're all born to be beautiful. We're all born to be beautiful.“ – Opeyemi Adeyemo

Feeling beautiful isn’t easy in today’s world.

Too many of us feel alone, unconfident, and lacking the support that lets us feel beautiful. And when you don’t feel authentically beautiful, life becomes hard. Your confidence is lacking. You hide your gifts from the world. Your skin tone shouldn’t define the look you can achieve. And your age shouldn’t stop you from feeling beautiful. Feeling beautiful is about owning

Express your unique beauty.

OPV Beauty offers a complete line of makeup, hair, and beauty products for people of all skin tones & ethnicities. All of our products are 100% cruelty free.

We dreamed about creating a beauty brand…

As sisters growing up together, we were captivated by the beautiful people in glamour magazines. And we dreamed about creating a beauty brand of our own that would serve people of all ethnicities.

 We started OPV Beauty to finally provide a brand that would be inclusive of all skin tones. At the time, most brands didn't offer any options for people of diverse ethnicities.

 It was also important to us that all of our products be 100% cruelty-free. We're excited to be making the world just a little bit kinder with each product that our customers purchase.

 We love helping our customers show their true colours and keep up with the latest trends, using products made just for them.