OPV 18pcs Brush Set with Brush Case

£50 £160

Our 18pcs Brush Set enhances beauty and is gentle to the skin.

Easy to Clean and Dry
You need to clean these brushes frequently but, it's easy: simply run the brushes under warm water, clean them with your favourite shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Our special brush cleaning glove makes the task even easier. You can let your brushes air dry for best results.

Brush Storage Case
For easy organisation, the brushes are packaged in a convenient and professional case.

The set consists of:

1.Flat Definer
4.Small Angle
5.Eye Liner
6.Lip Brush
7.Powder Brush
8.Large Angle Powder Brush
9.Tapered Highlighter
10.Small Contour
12.Fan Brush
13.Duo Fibre Brush
14.Contour Brush
15.Large powder Brush
16.Big Powder Brush
17. Tapered face Brush
18.Large Duo Fibre Brush


Each individual brush arrives packaged in clear plastic wrap to protect them from dirt and dust.

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