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Our Story

Our Brand

OPV has created products that allow anyone to achieve the glamour of A-list celebrities, obtaining the Hollywood look for highstreet prices! OPV designs and manufactures a range of high quality beauty products to suit all skin types, specialising in richly pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows and concealers to enhance everyone’s natural beauty and let them celebrate themselves. Our products are used by top makeup artistes for their A-list clients.




Who Are We?

Our founder first dreamed about the business when she was a little girl, captivated by the beautiful women and men in glamour magazines. Now she has turned those dreams into reality, founding OPV with the aim of making glamour accessible to all. Based in London, OPV is constantly innovating and designing new products so that our customers can keep up with the latest trends and looks.



Our Values

We create high quality but affordable products that appeal to our truly global community of wonderful customers