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OPV Vanity Brush Set

£90.00 £260.00

Our fabulous OPV Vanity Brush Set will equip you for all aspects of makeup application, to help you achieve the professionally sculpted look. Made from highest quality Premium Synthetic Hair, the set consists of:


1.Model-Vanity 01
The largest brush from the Vanity Brush Set, this is absolutely perfect for liquid foundation, setting powder or effect Powder

2. Model-Vanity 02

Perfect  for Cheek Contour, liquid foundation, setting powder and cheek blush

3.Model-Vanity 03

Bronzing or powder effect, cheek blush, cheek contour, concealer, liquid foundation and setting powder

4. Model-Vanity 04

Highlighter, setting powder, liquid foundation, eyeshadow and concealer.

5.Model-Vanity 05

Ideal for nose highlighting and can also be used for concealer.

6. Model-Vanity 06

Perfect for cheek blush, cheek contour, eyeliner and concealer.
7. Model-Vanity 07
Use for brows, concealer and eyeliner
8. Model-Vanity 08
Concealer, eyeshadow and eyeliner.
9.Model-Vanity 09

Concealer, eyeshadow and lips

10.Model-Vanity 10
Brows, concealer, eyeshadow and lips.